Jesus fucking Christ. Wonder what's "in the air" that'd lead someone to that psychotic conclusion?
Just texted "take breaks" to a friend but I mis-typed and auto correct changed it to "rage breathe" and I think that's better advice.
Do I have to come to Georgia to do it? Can someone phone bank from anywhere? How do I help?
Come on, Georgia! You're a fun state to do comedy in.
This "mega thread" will take you 3 minutes to read. Then you won't be surprised when #SteeleDossier trends. Or when…

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San Francisco, CA

Live Show

Cobb's Comedy Club
915 Columbus Avenue

September 06, 2007

The "Class of '92" show, part of the one month Cobb's 20th Anniversary.  Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Greg Behrendt and Blaine Capatch.