Okay, goofy diversion over. Getting called back to set. Thanks for humoring me.
Hey, that's your mom. She raised you. Show some respect. For dat bomb-ass PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU https://t.co/Bt0Wh0jB7f
Can I drive this ?? out yo mama's big-as-fuck PUSSYSAURUS? ?? (birds are from dinosaurs read a book) https://t.co/3lEtFbxs0r
I'm great. Yo moms, not so much. I banged her so hard she got two buttholes now. Here's an emoji of her butt: ?? https://t.co/97OyyKRjVi
Sure is. Right at YO ?? MAMA'S ?? STANK ?? ASS ?? POWSAY-SAY. ?????????????? https://t.co/7r3kgdtGqc

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Tulalip Resort Casino

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Tulalip Resort Casino
10200 Quilceda Blvd

October 12, 2012