I hate all the "creepy clown" news. I'm having a clown solidarity march at dusk near an abandoned insane asylum. Need a calliope player.
Hey @StephenKing -- this Wednesday's @TheGoldbergsABC is about how you influenced nerds like me in the 80s. It's...PAINFULLY accurate.
Jack Chick, RIP. I don't know whether he was religious or not, but I hope his afterlife is a groovy, all-faith cosmic hippie jam.
These tickets are almost gone. Grab 'em up. I am looking forward to this show for SO many reasons! 5 days before th… https://t.co/PHhDJfi2Gj

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Helium Comedy Club

Live Show

Helium Comedy Club
1510 SE 9th Ave.

May 25, 2013