Free slogan, @edible: "A message of love you can turn into poop!"
Dear @MichaelsStores: The Beastie Boys' "She's Crafty" is just SITTING there. I mean, if you're doing any new commercials...
Half the tickets for my show in Dallas on 9/12 are already gone. Better snap 'em up!
"Doxxing? Here's my address. I'll be waiting in the driveway to ruin your shit." -- @Lexialex, 1993 point fighting/karate world champion
Think of @BernieSanders as Matthau in TAKING OF PELHAM 123. Robert Shaw is the icy, evil, dug-in 1%. Bernie's gonna out-think 'em.

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Helium Comedy Club

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Helium Comedy Club
1510 SE 9th Ave.

May 25, 2013