With 19 days left, Trump has the "cheap garbage bag that's about to tear from the decomposition gases inside" look on fleek.
#tbt 2012. Alice meets Glinda at the @NHMLA Haunted Museum event. Always amazing & fun. https://t.co/8AcOaGODrs
Oh I KNOW it's wrong. But HOLY SHIT-SLEDS THAT DRESS. Can't I mock it on a "horrible judgement" level? Is that ok… https://t.co/4FhgJ21ilx

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SOAK UP THE DARK - The Late Show (1977)

Live Show

New Beverly Cinema
New Beverly Cinema

October 11, 2013

THE LATE SHOW: I've probably seen this one ten times. Art Carney and Lily Tomlin navigate the post-hippie byways of mid-70's L.A. in a sunshine noir that stands as a violent, funny swan song for every hard-boiled private eye who ends up in his 70's with a hearing aid and a bus pass.