In their defense, that is how you're listed on @IMDb. #BigBangTheory
Yes, we ended this episode with two kids mopping up pig entrails while Badfinger plays. Yes we did. #APBio @NBCAPBio
Here's where Sarika's final hopes of getting rid of Jack get CRUSHED. Watch @aparnabrielle's face. #APBio @NBCAPBio
I feel like Heather is going to become the internet's go-to cute weirdo. @allisyn_a_arm @NBCAPBio #APBio

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SOAK UP THE DARK - Night Movies (1975)

Live Show

New Beverly Cinema
New Beverly Cinema

October 12, 2013
5:15pm & 9:30pm

NIGHT MOVES: Every couple of years I go back and watch Arthur Penn's Night Moves, trying to figure the damn thing out. I still haven't. What does it mean? What's James Woods doing in there? Why does that thing float to the surface at the end? Come puzzle it out with me.