What about when someone bleats, "Many many people are saying" or, "Believe me" without citing a source? Ignore them… https://t.co/z9gE0XLprE
Oh, and when S. Robert Morgan showed up at the newsstand I yelled out, "Butchie!" #LukeCage
Oh man, street hustlers selling bootleg footage of the Chitauri attack from THE AVENGERS. #LukeCage is gonna be goooooooood.
This could NOT make more sense. Why isn't this how things are? Anyone? https://t.co/YMWHrUZ4tZ
Hey @realDonaldTrump: Keep hitting the Machado thing! It's going GREAT! Really get LOUD about it!

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Patton Oswalt

Live Show

The Chicago Theatre
175 N State St

May 31, 2014