@ParkerMolloy Won't it all come out in the family's lawsuit? Won't it either be verified or disproven then?
@SupergiantStarr Yes, I do. Which is why I wrote the words "way out of hand" IN MY RESPONSE. Good Lord.
@ParkerMolloy Then maybe "dumb prank that got way out of hand"? I'm admitting I got fooled by the initial narrative. A lot of us did.
@ParkerMolloy (2/2) The level of Islamophobia in the US is very scary. Did Ahmed's bullshit help at all? Genuinely curious...
@ParkerMolloy (1/2) Ech. I shoulda looked deeper into that prick. That's on me. But...

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Sat, Oct 07

31 HORROR STORIES -- "Quest for Blank Claveringi" (1967)

@ 12:00 PM

Patricia Highsmith wrote STRANGERS ON A TRAIN and the Ripley novels. She also wrote SPY SMASHER and CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT comics for Fawcett. And she loved animals and bugs.

I don't think she thought bugs liked us too much. At least, the giant snails in this reasonable, matter-of-fact freak show of a story don't seem to friendly.

What's worse -- drowning or being eaten alive? Read this story and find out.

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