Dear @MicheleBachmann: If Obama is truly "bringing about The Rapture," then why are all these fundamentalist turd-muffins still around?
Yeah, that scene. The Scene. Between @OfficialJLD and @MrTonyHale. Good Lord. #VeepOfficeHours
Oh God, Kevin Dunn's "Elton John" line. Wow. #VeepOfficeHours
A friendly hello in an unfriendly way. I love you, Diedrich Bader. #VeepOfficeHours
Oh, @ZakOrth. Those shattered eyes. I want to hug you. #VeepOfficeHours

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Thu, Oct 19

31 HORROR STORIES -- "Shadetree" (1978)

@ 1:00 PM

Michael Reaves has a weird resume. He wrote on cartoons like THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, and he also penned this mutant hybrid love-and-horror story. It's about a changeling. You know, like when a human baby gets switched with a...well, I don't know exactly what they get switched with. But when they grow up, they grow up to be like Shadetree, sort of a Southern Goth by way of Iggy Pop. And he falls in love. Which is where the horror starts, and won't stop.

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