.@1NerdyOne I will NEVER fully accept it. Too much for my head to absorb. One of my heroes/guides.
.@EricIdle @VeepHBO But you're right. The show is amazing. @OfficialJLD is surrounded by scene-stealers and holds sway gorgeously.
.@EricIdle @VeepHBO I know I'm supposed to say something clever here but HOLY CUM-FART I'M TWEETING WITH ERIC IDLE (sorry)
Anyone notice what was in my right hand in the Joint Andrews Base scene? @VeepHBO

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Tue, May 25


@ 3:29 PM

Brian Corman apologized to me. Flat-out admitted his thievery, his stupidity. Owned it all. Good man. Still makes me wonder what he might have done to become valedictorian — I mean, if he’s willing to steal material for something as inconsequential as a speech, how rubbery did his boundaries become when his GPA and future career were on the line? Oh well.

I’ve taken the video down from my site, since it’s already all over the fucking internet. Mr. Corman alluded to Columbia students always taking the “hard road” in his speech. Welcome to the hard road, Bri-Bri.

And Columbia University, with its “high standards”, has honorably re-posted video of the speech on YouTube after briefly taking it down. They added this disclaimer, seen here in a screen grab:

Yep. Two spellings of my name. High standards, indeed. Did the salutatorian smash a watermelon?

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