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Sun, Nov 07


@ 12:00 AM

Unintentional. "Riders on the Storm", Alice Cooper's "Steven", "Games Without Frontiers" and "Ghost Town" were MEANT to be creepy.

While I was tooling around this morning I heard the first two of these five songs on the radio. When you drive around the early morning suburbs, songs like these take on a sinister tone that flabby goths go their entire lives trying to emulate.

"Because" by the Dave Clark Five

A mating song for a ghoul and his intended. He's barely covering the rot and evil with cheap pancake make-up he bought at a Rite-Aid, and he's got a cold-boner for a church matron. She has no idea that her decades of dry, holy loneliness are about to be slaked by a man who's hunger for her brains burns brighter than his love of her company, and they're going to be consumed together one quite Tuesday morning while the street is quite and everyone's away at work or school. Her smiling corpse will be on the eleven o'clock news. The piercing, high-note passage in the organ solo is the moment when he starts the feast, saving her heart for last.

It then faded into...

"Wishing You Were Here" by Chicago

A hitman gets his face blown off, but lives. He staggers down a suburban street and into the bungalow of a single mother and her autistic teenage daughter. He collapses on the living room floor while they're watching THE PRICE IS RIGHT together. He wakes up later, drugged and hazy (the mom is a professional nurse) in a draped and shadowy room, his wounds healing painfully. But the mom has a needle that takes it away and diffused lamp bulbs that keep the bedroom a late-afternoon light no matter what time of day it is. He thinks it's a long hallucination as he's dying, so he doesn't mind when the daughter slips into the bedroom, while the mom is at work, and sings into the gaping hole where his face used to be. Out of the one eye he has left, he slowly falls in love with her. He can't see that she's put bunny ears on his head, and has surrounded him with stuffed animals.

"Our Day Will Come" by Ruby and the Romantics

Listen to that fucking organ! That's playing in an alternate universe, one right next to ours. The only thing that protects us from it is a worn, psychic membrane. The things that wait beyond the membrane lick wet claws and shudder when they're hungry. They've become very agitated since November 2nd.

"Mr. Tamourine Man" by The Byrds

When I was growing up, I bought Todd McCarthy's SPLATTER MOVIES from the back of FANGORIA magazine. There was this awesome picture of the family from TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and I used to think this was Leatherface's favorite song. No idea why.

"Young Girl" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap

What was it with this guy, anyway? All of his songs seem to be about underage chicks, and how he's fighting the temptation to plow into them like a busload full of Venezuelans. Michael Penn pointed this out to me once, and I've never been able to hear this or, for that matter, any one of his songs the same again. "Young girl/Get out of my mind/My love for you is way out of line/Better run girl..." This is what a guy with lycanthropy screams at you while he's changing.

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