Oh Donald. If Hillary were told she was running against you she would throw the biggest pre-victory molly rave in history. #GOPDebate
Did churches and charities save your half-sister, Ted? Holy fucking shit. #GOPDebate
Ted Cruz has locked up the "smattering of applause" demographic! #GOPDebate
EXECUTIVE ORDERS?!? Who gives a shit? It was 60 degrees in NYC on Christmas. Fuck all of this. #GOPDebate

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Wed, Apr 20

The Comedians of Comedy 2005 Spring Tour:
Gainesville Whiff

@ 12:00 AM

I'm writing this in the van as we idle in the Comfort Inn parking lot, waiting for everyone to load up. Dave. Brian and Zach went out last night, but Ole Grandpa Oswalt was feeling sleepy-bye and went to bed. Not that I slept, since Comfort Inn fills their mattresses with random pipes, wrenches and geodes.

No matter where I stand in the parking lot, the air here smells like old cheese. Later today, in Orlando, new comics.

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