...slow chains will never pull apart me & @karengillan. https://t.co/AM7klYKAYy
Oh fer Chrissakes, everyone.
cubbys win deh bat-bat game #sportsTweets
deh cubbies! *vomits* #sportsTweets
.@JimCramptonWPG @BenMank77 Probably not. But he did write porn, which I find delightful.

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Fri, Apr 22

The Comedians of Comedy 2005 Spring Tour:
Two Days Of No Internet Access

@ 12:00 AM

The last two places we stayed (Orlando and, now, Atlanta) have no internet access. I'm writing this in a radio station in Atlanta. I'll try to do a huge update later today.

I ate yucca fries last night.

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