We were. And I just now saw this. Thank you, Eric. https://t.co/R1jtlERQ5W
CUT TO: Montage of Trump's campaign staff, his children & finally Melania singing @aimeemann's "Wise Up"
Awake, yep. Unhinged, unstable, clutching your shins, rocking back and forth, frothing, muttering. Awake. AWAKE.… https://t.co/e1oknycVqh
Huh. Kellyanne Conway just walked into this Donut Prince, twirled in a circle, chanted "Nothing" ten times, then walked out.
What about when someone bleats, "Many many people are saying" or, "Believe me" without citing a source? Ignore them… https://t.co/z9gE0XLprE

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Mon, Mar 17


@ 5:21 PM

I just wrote yet another blurb for a friend's forthcoming book.     So far, I've only blurbed books I've actually read and enjoyed.

But I'm facing down four or five months of constant travel, film acting work, and writing under deadline.    I don't think I'm going to have time to honor any forthcoming blurb or review requests.

Until then, please feel free to use any of the following all-purpose blurbs:

"A delicious mocha-swirl of Wallace Stevens, Judy Blume and Tom Clancy!"

"Jesus brain-raping Christ, I loved these Christmas poems!"

"A literal roller-coaster ride!"


"Black type-set words printed on white paper...literally!"

"Staten Island is bitterly cold, bleak, and 100% attraction-free!   A must!"

"Manages to evoke the British defeat at Ticonderoga, the stench of rotted crab legs, and Robert Loggia's voice!"

"Passably competent!"

"I'm yelling at nothing while I write this!    Here what it sounds like:   Blaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!"

"Why?  Dear God, WHY?!?"

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