Ha ha! This doddering old sap. Perfect. Fuckin' perfect. https://t.co/ARh6YMA4F6
A sequel to NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS set in the "always St. Patrick's Day" tree would make REQUIEM FOR A DREAM look like AMÉLIE.
What an AMAZING list to be on! See you guys next Thursday at The Beacon Theatre NYC? https://t.co/U6ivE3g3qH
This @FullFrontalSamB clip is my new favorite David Cronenberg movie. https://t.co/69X8XDREPY
Ah shit, yer right. My bad. Touché, Big Mutant Puddy! https://t.co/fOxIOYuhr7

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Feelin Kinda Patton


Patton Oswalt watched a man shave his balls, and he's fixin' to tell you about it. Reminiscent of the arrival of legendary shockers like George Carlin and Bill Hicks, Patton Oswalt's first CD (available for the first time in vinyl LP format), 2004's "Feelin' Kinda Patton," put him on the radar as a standard-bearer for the new generation of comedians.

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