C'mon, Hillary. You're Danny Noonan. Now take Trump Smails down. #Debates2016
Okay guys, let's try to rise above the Bill/Melania handshake jokes. This is an important...oops, never mind #Debates2016
These three are gonna get me through this. Saving the Caduceus for last. #debatenight https://t.co/6tqO8AAY6k
JOE FUCKING WALSH! He just hugged me. I'm happy now. @TeamCoco tonight. https://t.co/iAEDk8d35Y
Ha HA HA! Lookit the glistening, frightened ham slab in the center. They've got his number. Glorious. https://t.co/F9m5TQygSU

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Patton Oswalt 222


What Live At Buddokan is to Cheap Trick, Feelin' Kinda Patton is to Patton Oswalt. And 222 is the complete, unedited 2 hours and 22 minute performance that was whittled down to Patton's masterpiece debut. This is a two-disc set!

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