Just auditioned for next season's @SHO_Penny. A nervous freight handler named "Wilbur." They've cast @ReidScott_ as "Chick", my partner.
Really loving this season of @SHO_Penny. All that's missing is a swishy, top-hatted & waist-coated Creature from the Black Lagoon.
.@Just_For_Laughs @1chesterfield @billburr Fuck that. Go see Bill Burr twice. I might even skip my stupid show.
.@johncreighton99 Oh, you... (sips mimosa, rolls eyes)
Code language for "gay", 1950: "He's SUPER into show tunes." Code language for "gay", 2015: "He's SUPER into 'family values.'"

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Patton Oswalt 222


What Live At Buddokan is to Cheap Trick, Feelin' Kinda Patton is to Patton Oswalt. And 222 is the complete, unedited 2 hours and 22 minute performance that was whittled down to Patton's masterpiece debut. This is a two-disc set!

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