.@erichstrack Let her listen to my stand-up.
.@Lexialex I'm not entering a boxing gym with you unless I have @TheRock as a backup.
.@Lexialex We should argue over coffee!
.@BeaumontDrinks Wow! You COUNTED the words? Where do you find the time? #envious
.@Lexialex Your movie would've gone cult without me, Lex. It's too weird & wonderful not to. I just sped up the process.

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Patton Oswalt 222


What Live At Buddokan is to Cheap Trick, Feelin' Kinda Patton is to Patton Oswalt. And 222 is the complete, unedited 2 hours and 22 minute performance that was whittled down to Patton's masterpiece debut. This is a two-disc set!

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