@AlbertBrooks @esquire Let's just sue @Nestle on general principles.
@AlbertBrooks They told me Bob & David won it off you in a baccarat game. I won it from them in beer pong.
Proud to follow @AlbertBrooks, @mrbobodenkirk & David Crus (sp?) as dean of @esquire's Famous School for Comedians! https://t.co/rtEPXuEfJT
@JenKirkman Holy moley that is beautiful.
@JenKirkman Oh please God don't. (@MikeMacRaeMike's is so creepy/accurate I honestly can't listen to it)

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Patton Oswalt - No Reason to Complain (Uncensored)


Stand-up special from Patton Oswalt.

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