We were. And I just now saw this. Thank you, Eric. https://t.co/R1jtlERQ5W
CUT TO: Montage of Trump's campaign staff, his children & finally Melania singing @aimeemann's "Wise Up"
Awake, yep. Unhinged, unstable, clutching your shins, rocking back and forth, frothing, muttering. Awake. AWAKE.… https://t.co/e1oknycVqh
Huh. Kellyanne Conway just walked into this Donut Prince, twirled in a circle, chanted "Nothing" ten times, then walked out.
What about when someone bleats, "Many many people are saying" or, "Believe me" without citing a source? Ignore them… https://t.co/z9gE0XLprE

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