HALF of the money I'm receiving for this performance goes to the @Compassion_Fund, which I Tweeted and Facebooked a… https://t.co/s64zNV5IFm
I saw this two days ago and, like the times we're living in, it's enraging, chaotic and unsettling. Best use of Hol… https://t.co/SRBXkutlba
I love this poster and you will too. Click here to get a copy -- all $$$ from sales goes directly to the artist!!! https://t.co/oTNEaN5jlQ
See you tomorrow night, Vegas! Still a handful of tickets left! This will be a fun, boozy show. Did I say boozy? I… https://t.co/r6b6XILjoW
I hope everyone goes and sees this! It’s pretty amazing! https://t.co/8EfMPLXvVc

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